Thursday, July 21, 2011

A day for Gabriel

Late yesterday evening I decided to see about taking the day off from work and spending some special time with Gabriel.

Isaac has been gone since last Friday with his friend Christian and Gabriel has been a little lonely and bored - especially when I am busy working.

It is Crazy Days today in Marshall and there were a few fun things planned so I thought it would be the perfect way to help Gabriel have as he would put it "his best day ever"!

After we dropped the little ones off at daycare we headed to Walmart where Gabriel got a few snacks and this...
He has been asking for this for his birthday in October but today he got to have it because today for Gabriel "anything goes"!!

Just being silly....

I told him that we could have anything he wanted for lunch and this is what he chose - funny boy!

After going to Walmart we went to a thrift store and to the dollar store and he chose these balloons. He loves balloons and the one pictured says it Gabriel it was all about you!!

After walking downtown for crazy days and the kiddie parade - where Gabriel got a hot dog, chips and his favorite soda Sprite, we went over to the pool where they were having a bunch of games and giving away prizes.

Here he is diving for pennies...

And a flower throwing game...

Just watching everything going on.

Here he is holding his $1.50 find at the thrift store. Elijah is going to go nuts when he comes home and sees it!!

At the pool they were giving away a Nintendo DS. Gabriel REALLY wanted to win. I tried and tried to prepare him for the reality that it was a slim chance. I even said a little big prayer that he would win....

Alas it wasn't his lucky day I guess. Poor kids was crushed. It was NOT his best day ever anymore! :) But we talked about all of the fun we had together and that if I had not taken the day off of work he wouldn't have been able to enter in the first place....

It is still hard isn't it? Gosh I wish I could protect him from disappointment like that!!

But he asked if he could watch Marley and right now he is chillin and feeling pretty happy about his day. So am I. What a blessing to have such a great son and a beautiful day to spend with him!!

Thanks for hanging with mom buddy - I love you! And it was my best day ever even without the Nintendo DS!! :)

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Becca said...

I loved reading about your day in Marshall! I just went to Maurices for Crazy Days but walked out with nothing. Feeling a little too guilty about spending the money. Where do you work? Do you guys go to the pool often? I just went yesterday for the first time this year. I usually go to Camden beach, but has been closed because of the shutdown.

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