Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Tribute to Karlena - 2009

In February of 2009 our church did a variety show and I had the opportunity to share a little testimony and a tribute to my dear friend Karlena. I was pregnant with Elijah at the time and the day before the show I got a terrible cold. So when I listen to myself I sound very congested and not how I think I sound usually! But anyways Karlena's parents came to the show and video taped it. I found the video in my desk drawer today and I thought I would share it here.  It is the song that I had the honor of sharing at her celebration of life ceremony this past November.

More than my singing I hope that you hear the hope that is found in Jesus. Karlena had that hope and she now celebrates life daily with Him.

Karlena - Oh how I miss you...each time our girl does something new I want to send you an e-mail and share the news. Each time I am struggling with uncertainty I wish I could call and know you were praying. Thank you for giving me hope in Jesus. My life is better because of you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin- Thanks for posting your tribute to Karlena. I too found this video a couple weeks ago and loved watching it. I too miss Karlena so much but memories really help. Also, the fact that I know Karlena is in a good place helps also. We will have to stop and see you guys when we are in Marshall sometime. My sister Rhonda said if you ever need some help with anything she will be available to help you. Her phone number is 532-5152 cell 829-9317 Thanks again Kristin for being such of a great loyal friend to my daughter Karlena. Love You. Linda

Anonymous said...

Kristin ~ This can be summed up with one word - beautiful. I didn't know Karlena personally, but heard you tell so many wonderful stories about her through the years. You brought tears to my eyes with your testimony and the amazing message of the song you chose to honor Karlena with.


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