Thursday, September 8, 2011

God Knows What We Need

Sometimes God knows just what we need....even when we don't know if or when we will need it ourselves.

Let me give you an example.
This, as most of you know, is Elijah....

He likes cake...or "BIG cutcake" as he says it!

He loves to pose for pictures and look cute and he has a million different expressions that just melt your heart.

He also loves being 2 and with that comes tantrums and pushing boundaries and blowing bubbles in your milk - even when mom tells him to stop!

Some days having a 2 yr old is a lot to handle. :)

When we first looked into moving here my first thought was to find someone to watch our kids because I had to continue to work. I made some calls and it was looking pretty grim and then I asked someone from the local branch bank here if they had any ideas and I was given a name.

With my past experience it didn't seem like an opening was possible - especially when it was an in-home daycare, but I called anyways and you know what? There was an opening....she was losing a family that had a 2 yr old and a baby.

hmmmm....coincidence? I don't think so!!

So one weekend when we were up in Marshall looking for houses we stopped and met Markel and her family. And from the moment we met them we just knew it was "right". Her son Isac sat with us and talked about his faith in God and all of the great opportunities there were for kids in town. Her daughter Dara was home from college and treated us like we were old friends. And I think Markel had Karlena asleep within minutes of us showing up as she held her.

And I know...who couldn't love this girl right? But even for babies, transition can be hard. But Karlena hasn't even batted an eye. She is all smiles when I drop her off and when I pick her up. She has transitioned so well.

Elijah though has his 2-yr old moments. He told me yesterday that "I have fun at Markel's and I go in time out!"  He was so proud of himself! He can be such a handful.

I had e-mailed Markel about something earlier today and in it told her that I hoped Elijah had been behaving because I know how he can get.....

And her response??

"I love him...He is so sweet, and a true boy...reminds me of my Isac at that age... :)  always good with E :)"

You see? God knows.

He knew EXACTLY who we needed to love and care for our children during the day when we couldn't do it ourselves. He provided an opening just when the time was right and He gave our whole family a blessing in Markel.

Thank you God for seeing our needs so far in advance of us knowing it ourselves. You have provided so much for us here and we are eternally grateful. Thank you for Markel - may You bless her today and always!

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