Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dayspring (in)spired Deals Review!

I love getting mail and I love sending mail. I especially love sending cards and finding a way to bless someone else.

I used to buy boxes of cards and store them at my desk at work so if I happened to think about someone that day, I saw it as a "sign" perhaps that I should send them a little encouragement.

Well a few weeks ago I was on the (in)courage website and saw that they were looking for some bloggers to do a review of some great new products they have available. I, always loving the "free" stuff, was in!

So one day last week these arrived on my doorstep!!

These beautiful cards are part of the "God's Heart For You" collection.

Perfect cards for a special woman in your life. A bestie that you want to encourage or a mentor that needs a lifting up or a neighbor down the street that doesn't get out much anymore. Who do you have in your circle of friends that could use a little boost?!
I can't wait to send these out and share them...even though I would love to keep them for myself. :)

Here is one of my favorites....

You are Loved....Just as you are (Ephesians 3:17-19)....

Do you feel loved "just as you are"?

I am afraid that in this world...by its standards I would have to answer "no" some days.  I feel less than perfect, I see all of my failures and I am so critical of myself.

But I love the reminder that in God's Heart -
I am perfect.
I am loved.
I am redeemed.

Thank God for those truths today!! 

 So how do you answer the question "In God's Heart I am...."?

If you are interested in checking out the other products that Blessings Unlimited has to offer click here.

Disclosure: Dayspring sent me this pack of cards for free in exchange for a review of the product. All opinions expressed here are my own.


Mom said...

I love Dayspring cards!

Melissa said...

I LOVE snail mail. SO much in fact, that I hate federal holidays and Sundays only for the fact that there is no mail. :) I send a lot of snail mail to friends, never seem to get any, but love doing it!

Kami said...

I love sending cards, too! I have a feeling that you and I have many more similarities yet to be discovered :)

Finally catching up in the blog world - who would've known that life could be so easily consumed by so much stuff?!?!

Holley Gerth said...

Thank you for reading my words and sharing yours!

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