Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"What Women Fear" - a Giveaway!!!


I am so excited to share this book with you today and I have a great little giveaway too so keep reading!!  I got my copy of "What Women Fear - Walking in Faith that Transforms" by Angie Smith last Friday.

I finished it yesterday and I can't wait to find some time to go through it again and really devour it even more. I tend to read really fast and I don't want to miss any of Angie's nuggets of truth so this time I will have a pencil in hand so that I can mark my favorite parts.

In this book Angie shares about not only her personal fears, but of the fears of some familiar and maybe not so familiar people of the Bible.  I found in each chapter something that I could relate to and was moved by the honesty in which Angie shares her life.

Here is just one of my favorite parts....

"Another fear that many of us have is that we will let people down and not meet their expectation of us.  I think that so many of us feel like the real "us" will be exposed when we don't rise up to what someone else thinks we should be. So many of us feel burdened by our perceptions of the expectations of others. We often live our lives trying to avoid letting people down."....
"As a result, many of us talk about the weather at a Bible study instead of the fight we had with our teenage daughter, knowing that we might be labeled the overprotective parent, or the one that can't control her own children. And long after the issue is resolved, we will still be seen as the one who messed up. The labels we create (and dwell on) for each other are killing our chance for genuine community and we are missing the best part of each other."
Does any of this resonate with you like it does me? And the book is filled with points that not only helped to convict my stubborn heart but also offer hope for freedom....true freedom in following and trusting in the One true Redeemer.
I promise that it will be worth your time to read this book!!

And now is your chance to win one as well!! I have 2 copies available to share with 2 of my readers!! These are books that I purchased myself and I have not been compensated in any way to endorse Angie's book. I just believe in her and this book and want to share the love!!

The winners will be chosen randomly on Friday September 9th.

So here's how you enter with 3 separate chances to win: :)
(Leave 1 comment for each "Chance" and please make sure to leave your e-mail address in the comment if you don't have an active blog so that I can contact the winner!!)

1) Become a follower of my blog - The Smith Family Journey (Or comment if you already are!)

2) Share in a separate comment one of your fears...this can be anything you struggle with!

3) Share for another chance the title of a book you have read and enjoyed recently.

And if you want a copy of "What Women Fear" for yourself right now click on the Amazon link on the left sidebar and you can purchase a copy today!!  Have fun and good luck!!


Mom said...

This sounds like a book every woman should read. Put me in the drawing but if you get lots of people entering, let me read your copy instead.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I am already a follower, I just see your updates across my FB newsfeed.

I fear not knowing everything. For example, I coach middle school volleyball, and I only played in grades 7-9. I am by no means an expert, and I feel underqualified and experiened to coach these girls. A woman who played college volleyball and played (or maybe just tried out) in the Olympics wants to help. Now I have thoughts running through my head like, "Does she really want to help or does she want to take over?" "Is she just being kind or is she worried that I have not been doing a good enough job in the past?" I have these fears often. Sometimes I do not ask enough questions because I feel like I am supposed to know things already...thank goodness for Google!

Anonymous said...

I have read a few great books lately:

I am on book 5 of the Left Behind series. This is the only series of books I have ever continued to read!

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton is a fantastic classic novel that all women should read.

I am currently working on Anna Karenina. Although this is not a Christian novel, Tolstoy's views have really made me think more about my own personal views and my faith.

Sarah said...

Hey Kristin! Great idea! I totally want to read this book, so pick me, pick me, pick me! LOL!

Sarah said...

I could go on and on about different fears, but I guess I'll just mention 2 here - first would be that we will loose another child. Second is probably a fear of letting people down.

Sarah said...

The most recent book I read was "Heaven is For Real." It's an easy read, but such a wonderful reminder of the hope we have in heaven (and a great reminder that we WILL see our babies in heaven!).

Anonymous said...

Kristin--my biggest fear is someone totally alienating my son and my grand children from me. Can't go into it here, but trust me I pray every day for this not to happen.


Sarah C said...

My fear is Losing my Children> I lost a child 7 years ago ad after losing Ryan it is hard to not have both of my living children(5 & 2) right beside me every night while they sleep

Tiffany said...

My fear is that one day I'll look back and regret . . . not things I did, but things I didn't do. The big one right now is not having children. I mean, I've had an incredible life, but I'm afraid that one day I am really going to regret that I didn't find a guy and start a family . . . and that I'll be bitter with God for not making it happen. :(

Belgie said...

My heart has been greatly impacted, yet again, within only the first chapter of What Women Fear. Thank you Angie, for trusting God in being so raw with your writing. He's truly changing lives through you. Anxieties and fears I experienced both as a child and now have been calmed and great hope for my future with the Lord pours out.

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