Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Women of Faith - Imagine!!!

In just 1 month my mom and I are heading up to St Paul, MN so that we can attend the Women of Faith Imagine conference!

To say that I am excited is an understatement.  My mom started this tradition with me probably during one of the very first WOF events. I think we went down to Omaha, NE and it was a weekend of shopping and conferences.

I remember being amazed at the women speaking from the porch. And to be honest I secretly wished that I could do that some day. To be a strong women of God and be able to touch the hearts of people just felt like it was something that was making a difference.

What is funny about this is that I am terrified about speaking in front of groups and so why that thought crossed my mind so many years ago I don't know....and I don't know that I ever shared that with anyone before.

Almost 4 years ago I heard about a woman named Angie. She had a heart-wrenching story and I started following her blog. Before this time I didn't even know what a blog was!! And shortly thereafter I decided to start my own blog. This was my first post...

I used to journal when I was younger and I loved being able to document my life like this and it was a way for my family to see pics of the kids from time to time as well.

Well this year Angie is speaking at WOF in St Paul and I am over the top excited to hear her in person. If you haven't read her books, "I Will Carry You" and "What Women Fear" ** you must pick up a copy today and read them. They are transforming.

Seriously -trust me on this one!!

Anyways. Not only do I get to hear and hopefully meet Angie, I get to spend some time with a couple of other blogger friends. 

Because of this blog, and so many others, I have come to know an amazing community of women and some of those women I have gotten to know on a more personal level. And the WOF weekend is the perfect place to turn an online community into a IRL community.

Kami and Jess are 2 beautiful Christian women who have already had a chance to connect IRL and I have come to know both of them and we will all be meeting in October!! In fact we get to also meet Kami's good friend (and room with them!! :) ) and her mom and sister!!

I am telling you this is going to be one weekend to remember.  Is anyone else out there joining us in St Paul? If so please let me know because we could make this one BIG party friends!!

I know this weekend will be bittersweet in a few ways too...it will be my first conference without Karlena. It had become our tradition for so many years to attend in Denver once she got sick and so I know her loss will be felt - but isn't it great how God uses times like these to gift us with new friends to share the experience with?!

In all things He is good.  Until then I will be spending some time trying to "Imagine" what amazing things God will reveal to me and I can't wait to share them with you!!

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