Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Soapbox

If the title of this post isn't warning enough let me give another one here....

I have been writing this post in my head for weeks now. I hope that I can share my point without sounding like a "know-it-all". And I must also clarify that I am NOT perfect...yes I know shocker!! :) And so although I will be sharing my point of view on a particular subject it doesn't mean that in MANY other areas I fail myself.

That being said....let me tell you a little about a particular "situation" at Gabriel's school.

The school over the summer constructed this BIG parking lot in front of the school. It has lots of spaces available for parking and then there is a curb along the entire lot that is designated for drop off and pick up.

When school started they sent out a memo AND made those school-wide parent alert phone calls. They said that IF your child was being dropped off or picked up - from the side of the car closest to the curb that you could use that method. The curb is for parents that DON'T need to get out of the car and get their child.

If your intent was to walk your child to the door etc then you were to park in the parking lot and bring your child over that way. NOT park your car on the curb and block the line of traffic.

For the most part the parents get it. You know "the rules"...."drop off etiquette". BUT there are those parent that just won't follow the "rules". They won't pull ahead so all curb space is maximized. They park their car at the drop off curb, get out and walk to the building.

Every day I see this happening and I will be irritates me to no end! Didn't they get the memo? The phone calls?


Boy if they would just do things the way that I do the whole world would run better right?! :)

In other soapbox relate-able news...

While waiting for Gabriel to come out of school yesterday I was watching the kids that were lining up for the bus. These are younger kids than Gabriel so either 1st graders or even kindergartners.

There were 2 kids in line next to each other and they were talking (I couldn't hear them) and then all of a sudden the bigger boy hauled off and punched the smaller boy right in the eye!!

I am not kidding you I almost jumped out of the car to give that kid some parenting "direction". I think one of the teachers saw at least some part of it and she seperated the kids and it looked like the puncher was repremanded....

But a moment later he was allowed to get on the bus.

Fighting on the bus is NOT allowed. We have to sign something at the beginning of the year acknowledging it and the consequences of it.

In MY opinion (and maybe I am off base) but I think the puncher should have been pulled out of line and his parent's called. I don't think he should have been allowed to get on the bus as though nothing happened.

But what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this because I am not always right in my thinking.

If the puncher's parents had been called and had to make a special trip to pick him up....maybe the whole "it's ok to punch someone in the eye if I am upset" thing would have been squashed then and there.

But has this kid learned his lesson? My fear is that if he is being given the message that being a bully is "ok" - by not having any serious consequences at age 5 or 6...what will it be like when he is 12 and MUCH bigger?

Anyways....I have to go and brave the school traffic once again so I am stepping off my soapbox for now!!

Happy Thursday! :)


Tracy said...

Ugh. The parking thing happens around here, too. Not at school, because they are super strict with it, but at places like church. People park in the turn around where you are supposed to be "drop off only", on a sunday. Sheesh.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you have the right idea to me! How frustrating though!

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