Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Reminder.....And Many Thanks

I have been a bit of a lump the past few days....in fact writing this post today is probably the only structured thing I have done besides getting the kids up and ready for the day! :)

I guess we need days like this every once and awhile. Ones that we just sit and read a book or watch a movie and let the housework and chores sit for one day.

Speaking of reading I just won an e-book copy of Jen Hatmaker's "7". It is about eliminating excess in 7 areas of your life. It is scary and I almost don't want to keep reading because I know it will challenge me to change and that is frightening....but not why I am writing this today.

I am not someone who likes to ask for or accept help.  When people ask if I need help with anything I will probably say no. I don't want to admit if we are struggling with something and can't handle it on our own.

I want to be self-sufficient.

But in my quest to handle it all I have lost a little bit of my reliance on God...because I know better than He right? He isn't here dealing with my job loss or fears....so I should suck it up and handle it on my own. I don't need help from anyone.

But in the past few weeks I have been humbled by the support we have received from family and friends. Financial help, prayers, words of encouragement and unexpected birthday gifts have graced our path and I feel so grateful.

Not expected, and at times difficult to accept...but none the less appreciated so much.

Today I received a birthday card and gift and a letter with a reminder about some of the biggest blessings in my life. I have 4 amazing kids. 4 kids who just light up my life with their words and their smiles and their hearts.

Such gifts.

And I have my sweet husband. A man that works so hard to provide for our family and supports me in so many ways. A man that makes me laugh and encourages me to "take a nap" because I can right now. A man that reminds me over and over that it will all be ok.

No matter what happens.... 

I am learning that it is ok to not be completely self-sufficient. That I need to rely on God in the good and bad times. That I can accept help and when I am in the position once again - we will pass along the blessing to someone else who needs it.

For today I am giving thanks for all of you...and you know who you are. Your prayers, your support, your ideas and gifts, your encouragement and your love.

It is felt, it is appreciated and it has healed a broken part of my spirit. Thank YOU for being the body of Christ to our family.


Most call me Elizabeth, one calls me Honey, three call me Momma... said...

Thank you for your blog posts. I enjoy reading them and am encouraged in my faith.

Kami said...

You have friends, too - and ones who love you dearly and continue to lift you up in prayer! Please don't hesitate to ask for help from me - I'm happy to offer :)

Love you!

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