Friday, June 29, 2012

Go Big or Stay Home!!

Go Big or Stay Home!! That seems to be the motto here at times and has become a joke in our home...and this case with Dominic's accident is no exception.

We went to Sioux Falls this morning so that we could get a CT scan of Dominic's foot and then meet with his surgeon.

We hadn't seen his foot/leg since the accident because it was in a temporary cast of course we had to take some pictures while we were waiting!!

 It was a little alarming at how swollen it still was.

 You probably can't tell in these pictures but he actually has these blood blisters that formed around his ankle.

 A shot of the bottom of the foot...

The other side - and the side that they will go in to operate on.
We also got to go and get a copy of the CT scan on CD (yeah we are nerds like that...) but it was pretty cool seeing exactly how bad the break(s) were.
So basically he broke his heel bone (one of the strongest bones in our bodies) into three pieces....and pulverized some bone fragments here and there as well..... 

 You can tell how swollen the foot is even on the CT scan!

Here is another view from a different angle.

And this has to be one of my favorite (if you can have a favorite) shots. The image on the left of the picture is his right foot. and you can see at the bottom what a normal, healthy heel bone should look like.  The picture on the right, and the broken foot, shows how that heel bone is broken into three pieces and they are shifted a little in there as well.

It isn't good. BUT we have probably the best surgeon for the job in our court. He has done over 150 of these surgeries and was very informative, answered our questions, talked about recovery we feel he is in good hands.

We have a return visit next Friday the 6th and if the swelling has gone way down, then he has surgery scheduled tentatively for Wed. July 11th.

So a few items as prayer requests....

1) That the swelling would go down so that we can go forward with the surgery as planned.

2) That the surgeon would be able to use the plate and screws and fix his heel that way. If there is too many fragments, or if the cartilage has been too damaged he will have to fuze the bone together and that will mean a longer (double) non weight bearing time and the possibility of problems in the future. We really don't want prayers for the best outcome is much appreciated!

Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement...we appreciate it!


Rachel Lundy said...

Oh. My. That looks so incredibly painful! I will be praying that Dominic will be able to have surgery on the 11th and that the surgeon will be able to use the plate and screws.

Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers this week. I will continue to pray!

Kamrom said...

Gah. Well, I'm not nearly as concerned with the single blood blister on my foot anymore, thats for sure.

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