Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Prayers With Our Kids

We are definitely a praying family. Saying prayers together is something that we really started to do about 5 years ago.

In the mornings the kids and I say prayers as I am taking them to school/daycare. We pray for their day and for their dad's day at work and recently have been praying for sweet Isaac that I shared about last week. He can still use our prayers so please keep him at the top of your list!!

And we pray at night before bed as well -thanking God for the day and asking for protection as we sleep.

When we eat we say a few "common" prayers and one that I have only ever heard in our immediate family. It is called "Happy Hearts".

We thank you Lord for happy hearts
For rain and sunny weather
We thank you for the food we eat
And that we are together.

What makes this prayer fun is that we will replace "rain and sunny" with different words. So if it is a birthday and it is snowing out we would say snowy and birthday weather....you get the point right?

Recently this prayer has become Elijah's favorite and being  2 1/2 and not always able to share - he is often the picker of our words.

His favorites right now are Magic Wands and Praise Jesus weather. LOVE this!

And because this is now his favorite prayer he wants to say it for every prayer. So we say it at bedtime and in the morning and at meals! :)

But he is so adorable because he has learned it and even though he doesn't realize it now he is learning to bring his requests to God and hopefully he will carry that with him for life!

So how about you - do you have a favorite family prayer? Please share it here with me because it would be fun to learn something new!


Amanda said...

That is just precious! I think I might have to teach it to my children tomorrow.. :)

Amanda said...

That is just precious! I think I might have to teach it to my children tomorrow.. :)

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