Monday, January 2, 2012


having a purpose, meaningful, intentional, full of determination

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions.

When I was in Jr High I would make these silly resolutions like "I will have a boyfriend this year", or "I will be more popular"....

I will be honest - they never turned out as I hoped and I usually felt like I let myself down.

I don't like setting goals for myself that I know I won't really care about in a week or two. I don't buy into the "lose weight now with the newest exercise fad" and although I know it is good for me....setting a resolution to floss more will be left by the wayside in very quick order.

By February I have forgotten what it was that was so important to me on January 1st and I usually won't think about it until the end of the year and I realize that I once again I haven't met my resolution.

But this year I heard about "One Word 365".

The premise is simple. Decide on a word that you want to define your year.

This I think I can handle....and so for the past few days I have been thinking about what word best describes what I would like to see for myself in 2012.

And this is what I have come up with....


I want to be more purposeful in my marriage. To really spend time strengthening the relationship I have with Dominic. He is my best friend and I often take him for granted. I want to be more purposeful about showing him respect and supporting him in all that he does.

I want to be more purposeful with my kids. So often in the business of the week I get caught up with what needs to be done and get frustrated when I don't feel the kids are cooperating. I want to make sure that they know how important they are, to encourage conversations and to just plain have fun with them.

I need to be more purposeful about my relationship with God. I don't want God to be a "phone a friend" when I need something kind of relationship. I need to be more purposeful about getting into His Word and asking for His guidance and direction in ALL things.

I also want to be more purposeful in my prayer life. I pray all the time, but I want to start praying specifically each day for people in my life. I believe that God answers prayers and so I am going to start keeping track of the prayer requests I receive and watching as God answers those prayers throughout the year.

And finally I want to be more purposeful about my time. Admitedlly I spend more time than I probably should on the computer. And while I love blogging, I have to make sure that it isn't cutting into time that should be spent on one of the things listed above.

So as I go through 2012 I hope to share with you where I am being more purposeful and hopefully how it is changing who I am.

How about you? What word would you chose to define your 2012??


Jennifer said...

great looking blog! I too desire to be purposeful.

Heather said...

AWESOME Krisin!!! Such a great choice of a word for 2011! You do a great job writing. I'll be praying for you and your goal this year ! :)

Cherry said...

Linking up after you at Faith Barista - I enjoyed reading about your "one word". And loved how you broke it down - sounds like a great word to have before you and learn from this year. Happy New Year!

Fawn said...

My one word is definitely Gratitude. Your word is awesome.

Stefanie Brown said...

Our words are synonymous. You've chose en "purposeful" and I've chosen "Intentional". As I read through your post, I was, in my mind, substituting my word where your word was. Pretty neat...

As we journey through 2012, may we encourage each other as we purposefully and intentionally live.

Thank you for linking up at My One word Wednesday today. I'm very grateful.

Have a blessed day:)))

Ms. Kathleen said...

That is a fantastic word. To be purposeful in all your do in life, in service to God. Fabulous! My word in Contentment... I will purpose to be content in my walk with God. Happy I stopped by :)

Bonnie Gray said...

Hi Kristin, Thanks for sharing your "purposeful" word in the faith jam at Faith Barista.. It's wonderful how you thought intently how it would play a role in your life.. purposeful! :)

Heather Truett said...

My word is gentleness. My theme is Mary. It is neat to see this catch on as a trend. I started asking God for themes instead of making resolutions back in 2005, thanks to a friend doing the same. It is a grand adventure and never quite what you expect.

Shanda said...

A perfect word to aim for in the new year!
i found you over at the Saturday Evening Post.

ruthhill74 said...

Being purposeful--excellent thing to determine for the new year!


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